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Every patient of Jamestown Healing Clinic (JHC) is taking a giant step on the road to recovery; we are here to support them on this journey.  Our clinic has been thoughtfully designed to promote a sense of calm and healing for all who enter.  JHC offers a variety of evidence-based treatment options tailored to meet each patient’s unique need and support their recovery in the community.


Beginning Tuesday April 4th masking will be optional for patients and staff.
Upon request, all clinical staff providing face to face care will wear a mask in your presence.

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Our Services

Chemical Dependancy Treatment

Medications for Opiate Use Disorder

Chemical Dependancy Treatment


Chemical Dependancy Treatment
Primary Care Providers
Chemical Dependancy Treatment
Dental Care
Chemical Dependancy Treatment
Child Watch Services
Chemical Dependancy Treatment
Shuttle Transportation
About Us
Bringing Care and Wellness to the
North Olympic Peninsula

About Us

The Jamestown Healing Clinic Since 2021.

The Jamestown Healing Clinic (JHC) is a new integrated care clinic who will provide comprehensive patient care including an opioid treatment program, primary care, dental, substance abuse disorder counseling, and behavioral health. We believe a holistic service delivery approach is most effective at providing sustained recovery for those struggling with addiction. That’s why in addition to offering chemical dependency treatment, we will also be offering a robust group of wrap-around services to best address the total needs of our patient population, such as child-watch, transportation and individualized care coordination.

We are offering:

Treatment for Opioid Use disorder
Counseling for all Substance Use Disorder
Primary Care
Dental Care
Behavioral Health Counseling
Childcare Assistance

Grandfather and Grandson

The Story of Changing the Course of the River

A Grandfather took his Grandson fishing with a plan to teach him a life lesson. After completing their fishing, he asked if his Grandson wanted to see him change the course of the river.

Not believing this to be possible, the Grandson watched as his Grandfather reached out along the sandy bank of the river and removed a rock the size of his fist. Pretty soon a small stream from the river broke away from the fast-moving river and filled the hole where the rock had once been.

The Grandfather said, “You see, Grandson, there may be things that happen in your life that are not what you had hoped. But realize that if you make one small, positive change — you can change the entire course of your life or another person’s life.”

An excerpt from a traditional native story as told by Jamestown S’Klallam Storyteller Elaine Grinnell, adapted by Loni (Grinnell) Greninger.