The Need for Community Care
in Clallam and Jefferson County

People in our region need opioid treatment services, and they need them close to home and in a well-managed facility. The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe is in the process of planning and building a new Healing Clinic to care for patients in Clallam and Jefferson counties. We have a proven track record of providing first-class health services in this region, and we care deeply about enhancing community wellness.

We believe a holistic service delivery approach is most effective at providing sustained recovery for those struggling with addiction. That’s why in addition to offering chemical dependency relief, the Healing Clinic will offer behavioral health, primary care, dental care, childcare assistance, and transportation if needed. And for those in need of additional social services like securing food, housing, or job training, our community partners will be on site, ready to connect patients with vital community resources.

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We are committed to providing outstanding services that are both successful and safe for the patient, the employee, and the surrounding community.

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Healing Clinic Design

The new Jamestown S’Klallam Healing Clinic will provide much needed medical services to local residents with opioid-use disorder through a SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment program.

The clinic will face the headwaters of the Dungeness River — the lifeblood of the Jamestown people. This water provides growth for the cedar trees that are used to make our baskets, our homes, and our canoes. The pathway of healing works best when the entire community supports the journey down the river.

The clinic will have:

  • Warm, comfortable patient rooms
  • Well-designed office space for nurses and doctors
  • Privacy and security safeguards
  • A secure pharmacy and other security measures

This clinic is a place of healing and restoration, and we are proud to be able to share it with the community. Together, we can help patients from Clallam and Jefferson counties return to their full and complete lives.

A person does not choose addiction. But that person can choose recovery. When they make that choice, we will be there to help.

Healing Clinic Location

Once completed, the clinic will be located on property owned by the tribe, located between Costco and Highway 101. It is also near other healthcare services, separate from our main retail area, and buffered from residential neighborhoods. At approximately 17,000 sq. feet, it is half the size of the current clinic. Because the site is already zoned for medical use, it is an appropriate location for current and future healthcare services.

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe

Since time immemorial, the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe has lived and prospered on the Olympic Peninsula. We have strong roots here and are committed to building a healthier community. Over the years, the Jamestown Tribe has developed and maintained numerous programs to meet our community’s healthcare needs.

We currently provide healthcare for 17,000 people — including 55,000 patient visits a year — and partner with other clinics and hospitals to help community members get the care they need.


Local Partners

The Healing Clinic is a collaboration between the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and the following regional partners:

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Olympic Medical Center logo
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Grandfather and Grandson

The Story of Changing the Course of the River

A Grandfather took his Grandson fishing with a plan to teach him a life lesson. After completing their fishing, he asked if his Grandson wanted to see him change the course of the river. 

Not believing this to be possible, the Grandson watched as his Grandfather reached out along the sandy bank of the river and removed a rock the size of his fist. Pretty soon a small stream from the river broke away from the fast-moving river and filled the hole where the rock had once been. 

The Grandfather said, “You see, Grandson, there may be things that happen in your life that are not what you had hoped. But realize that if you make one small, positive change — you can change the entire course of your life or another person’s life.”


An excerpt from a traditional native story as told by Jamestown S’Klallam Storyteller Elaine Grinnell, adapted by Loni (Grinnell) Greninger.